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to International Poetry Competition "Helena Petrovna Blavatskaya"

Applications will be accepted to 10/25/2022

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Applications will be accepted to 10/25/2022

Applications are now closed!

Winners of the International Poetry Competition "to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky" - 2020

  • Игорь Ильин

    Igor Ilyin, born on October 22, 1969 in Mozdok. He graduated from Mozdok technical college No. 13, an electrician by profession. He was drafted into the army, served in Brest. He has been working as a taxi driver for the last 15 years. He is married and has a daughter. In his youth, he was interested in science fiction and Space. He got acquainted with Living Ethics and Secret Doctrine at the age of 26. At the age of 28 he wrote his first poem. Member of the Public Cultural and Educational Organization named after N. K. Roerich in Mozdok.


    The stars of the universe are generous,
    Dispassionate are the lights-minds,
    Pure in heart is the messenger of compassion,
    Burning like a torch in the dark!

    In the heyday of the great illusion,
    In the midst of devastation and grief
    It was sent by the Lord himself
    Be a beacon among people.

    For them - the blind, the lost, the sleepy,
    To the valley of sorrows and tears,
    From the spheres of enlightened space,
    Не brought the Secret Doctrine.

    Not a fairy tale in the middle of bad weather,
    Not an obsession in the dark -
    A fighter for Truth and happiness
    Passed a giant on earth!

  • Виктор Тузлуков

    Viktor Tuzlukov was born on 29.09.1964 in Kemerovo. He graduated from the Far Eastern Higher Marine Engineering School (Vladivostok) with a degree in marine engineer, Far Eastern Academy of Management and Business, Economist- Vladivostok, Expert Gemologist - Gemological Institute of America (Moscow branch). He is married and has two children. Master of artistic cutting of jewelry stones, Honored worker of stone-cutting art, member of the American Guild of Cutters, world record holder in the technique of cutting stones, Member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation, Winner of “the Golden Feather of Russia” Award, member of the Theosophical Society (Adyar) since 2012. Currently he is working in Bangkok as an expert gemologist.

    A part of this large work written in the complex style of the Wreath Sonnet will be read out

    A single sigh of boundless Depth,
    Ripple of a timeless Foundation
    Hasn't yet revived the silence
    Of the primeval waters in an invisible Veil.

    In the Dark, like the echo of a quivering string,
    The Ray shines and the WORD appears,
    Listening to the Voice of the fiery Call,
    The Sons arise from the darkness of Eternity.

    Live sparks of Cold Fire
    They lead their way, shining and ringing,
    In the spiral vortex of an avalanche of fire.

    The radiance of the Morning in the heart,
    We will go together to the sunset of the Day,
    When our ONE meets us again.

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    The award ceremony for the winners of the Poetry Competition "to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky"

Ольга ДригвальOlga Drigval was born 02.04.1985 year in Mogilev, Republic of Byelorussia. Graduated from the Polytechnic University in Kharkiv (specialty chemist-technologist).

Currently, she is a student of the I. Repin Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. She traveled a lot to the countries of Asia and the East, where she drew her creative inspiration. The main subjects of the paintings are filled with the energy of Tibet, Nepal and India.

Creativity for Olga is one of the forms of meditation, she tries to convey this state in her paintings. Participant of international art exhibitions. The author's works of Olga Drywall are in private collections in USA, Canada, Europe, Korea, and Russia.

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